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Enterprise-level security at an affordable price.

Cyber Defender is your partner for superior, end-to-end cybersecurity solutions built to protect your business.

“Very easy-to-use interface. Very customizable. Customer support is awesome. Automatic lock-out when trying to log in from out of the country has been helpful.” Steve L., Business Owner

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//Why Cyber Defender?

Super charge your cyber protection.

  • Affordable Protection

    End-to-end protection bundles built with your small business in mind.

  • Ease of Use

    Easy, one-time installation that provides the superior protection you've been searching for.

  • Unparalleled Support

    Our cybersecurity specialists are on hand 24/7 to provide the comprehensive support you need.

//All-inclusive Security Service
The best security service for your business.

Automated Remediation

We help you respond to attacks and recover from incidents with speed, precision, and resilience.

Endpoint security

Our end-to-end platform protects services provide intelligent security solutions that help you defend against cyberattacks and recover from them faster.

Cloud apps security

By analyzing your cloud infrastructure, we can identify areas of improvement and provide tailored solutions to keep you safe in this ever-changing technological world.

Identity & User Protection

The ability to detect credential misuse, prevent unauthorized access and reduce password fatigue is essential in today's environment. We can help you implement these features with our wide range of products that will fit any security need.

Always On Monitoring

A powerful integrated suite of tools that identify potential threats and stop advanced malware campaigns in their tracks by monitoring for unusual traffic patterns or behavior changes on every device accessing your network.

Ultimate Email Protection

Feel confident that your emails and data are protected from the perils of cybercrime.

//The Cyber Defender Platform

Business-critical defense with leading-edge automation.

The need for effective security solutions has never been more pressing regarding protecting data from external threats. However, many businesses today still struggle with implementing a sound approach due, in large part because they lack the necessary skills and technology or simply do not have time on their hands.
We help you reduce risk and compliance burden by combining business-critical cyber protection with cutting-edge automation.
Our team at Cyber Defender takes pride in knowing that we provide tailored services designed specifically around your unique requirements, so there's no guesswork involved when trying to establish an enterprise-grade solution—all while saving both money AND valuable resources for your business.